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The city of Lamasco stretched from the Ohio river to Maryland Street and from First Avenue to Pigeon Creek. It was founded in 1836 by four local businessmen who combined letters from their last names – LA from “Law”, MA from “McCall”, and SCO from “Scott” – to create the town’s off-beat moniker. In 1857, Evansville and Lamasco merged, and only after heated argument was the Lamasco minority over-ruled and the new city called “Evansville”. It’s been West Side vs. East Side ever since! The building at the corner of what became 6th Avenue and West Franklin Street was built in 1913 as a sheet metal factory, but by the 1920’s had become a hot spot for local gamblers and revelers, with rum running out the back door during Prohibition. At least that’s how we heard it! Lamasco Bar officially opened July 10, 1934, and has been a staple ever since.


 With live music 250 nights a year, Lamasco has positioned itself as a mid-west venue that is a MUST stop for local, regional, and touring bands. Almost any night of the week, great music, great friends, great food, and great times can be had! There’s a reason that GET LAMASCOED is on the lips of people everywhere.

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